UEFA Champions League Final Claim

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UEFA Champions League Final Claim

Civil Litigation – Group Action

2022 – Onwards

For Liverpool FC supporters, narrowly losing the Champions League Final on 28 May 2022 was truly devastating, but nothing could compare to the horrific scenes taking place off the pitch, in and around the ground.

Countless reports and eyewitness accounts have been provided by Liverpool fans, Real Madrid fans, and other attendees present at Stade de France, which detail and corroborate the distressing events which took place.

Incidents such as: 

  • The tear gassing of supporters, some of whom were women and children. 
  • Supporters had their personal belongings stolen, including tickets for the game which were allegedly then re-sold. 
  • The sexual victimisation or abuse of supporters. 
    Individuals in and around the stadium assaulted supporters as they made their way back to their coaches and trains. 
  • Mass congestion in and around the stadium, not only prevented supporters from entering the stadium but also caused physical injury to many.

Since the final, French officials and UEFA alike have sought to evade liability for the events which took place. We are litigating this case on behalf of those who witnessed or were subject to the events, believing that UEFA and others should be held accountable.

If you live in England or Wales and were one of the thousands of ticket holders who observed or suffered the horrendous mistreatment at the UEFA Champions League Final on 28 May 2022, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

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