It was recently reported that approximately 31 million adults (60% of the population) do not currently have a will in place. 

Whilst we understand this may be for a variety of reasons, it means that those individuals’ risk everything they own being divided and distributed in accordance with the law, rather than their wishes for who should inherit what upon their death.  

At Bingham Long we provide an easy and friendly will-drafting service, at an affordable fixed-fee, so that you can ensure that following your passing, your loved ones are protected and your belongings and finances distributed in accordance with your wishes and not that of the law-makers determining.


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A standard will cost a fixed fee of £180 + VAT – this includes initial consultation to take instructions as well as visits to sign and witness the document either in our office or at your home (a requirement to ensure the will is valid).

If we believe you require further specialist advice or assistance with the drafting of your Will or you wish to instruct us to draft multiple, we can discuss the cost with you upon initial consultation. 

A Will is not a legal requirement and is not essential. However, should you die without a valid will being made within your lifetime, then your estate is distributed in accordance with the law, and this is referred to as intestacy. 

If you don’t want this to happen, and to make the probate process as easy as possible for your loved ones, then it is definitely worth considering having a will drafted.

Generally, a Will is not a complicated document to prepare. However, there are certain formalities that must be undertaken for a Will to be deemed valid. If a Will is deemed invalid, then the intestacy rules will apply and again, your estate would be distributed in accordance with law as opposed to your wishes and intentions for your estate after death.

Therefore, it is always preferable to instruct a Solicitor to ensure that all formalities are complied with and that you have a valid will in place prior to death.

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