Medical negligence claims, also known as clinical negligence claims, are made by individuals where they have been subject to negligent care received by their medical/healthcare provider or hospital during their time undergoing a procedure or treatment.

At Bingham’s we understand the anxiety, pain and trauma these individuals face and look to hold the organisation or individual negligent responsible as well as seeking our client’s compensation. 

If you believe you have a medical negligence claim, please contact us immediately our specialist team would be happy to discuss this with you and advise during an initial free telephone consultation. 


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All medical practitioners i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Dentist. GP etc, owe their patients a legal duty to exercise a reasonable standard of care towards their patients. To put it simply, the law states medical negligence has occurred when:

  • There has been as breach of medical duty i.e. receiving unacceptable care,
  • You have suffered loss, pain, injury or damage, 
  • The loss, pain, injury or damage suffered was caused directly by the breach.
  • Incorrect treatment or prescription errors, 
  • Failure to warn a patient about risks attached to a procedure or failure to get patient consent prior, 
  • Incorrect, late or failure to diagnose, 
  • Undertaking a procedure to a poor standard, 
  • Delay or failure to undertake further tests on a patient where necessary.

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