Long, Esq. Solicitor/Managing Director

Gerard Long, Esq. was born and raised in Liverpool, where he has dedicated his career to personal injury law and group litigation ever since. Gerard’s natural legal skills, keen knowledge, and ability to relate to the clients he represents have allowed him to handle some of the most groundbreaking cases in the UK and the United States. During his nearly decade of legal practice, Gerard has spearheaded some of the most notable group action lawsuits in the country’s history.

Gerard obtained both his undergraduate and legal degrees from the Liverpool John Moores University. His focus has always been on personal injury matters, as he is a vigorous advocate. From high-value car crash claims to multi-million class actions, Gerard has a higher-than-average success rate in recovering substantial financial awards for his injured clients.

Gerard’s first nationally-recognised case involved bringing a pedophile football coach to justice, which helped many individuals and families find emotional peace and financial resolution. 

Bingham Long. is well-renowned for skillfully taking on the infamous “dieselgate” claims using a team of money-saving professionals. Gerard is currently representing the thousands of Liverpool FC fans caught up in the chaos at the Champions League final in Paris last year. Gerard is handling the personal injury claims against UEFA, European football’s governing body, while working in close alliance with the other most prominent group action firm in the UK.

Gerard has a strong relationship with the American Association of Justice, which helped develop his firm’s extensive litigation work. Expanding his practice to working with American firms has added to Gerard’s experience and success as a top-rated solicitor. Gerard also handles housing disrepair claims asserted against the Housing Association and has appeared on many media outlets for live interviews.

Gerard continues to reside in Liverpool with his five children. Football has always been a passion of Gerard’s, which has motivated his work on the current legal allegations against UEFA. He coaches children’s soccer and regularly attends Liverpool matches

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