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Disrepair Solicitors

If you are a Birkenhead tenant and your property is in disrepair, our housing disrepair solicitors at Bingham Long can help you claim against your landlord to get the repairs done and obtain compensation. Our team of advocates has extensive experience protecting the rights and best interests of Birkenhead residents with successful results.

What is Housing Disrepair?

Housing disrepair refers to the condition of your home when it is in poor condition and not properly maintained. Serious defects can prevent you and your loved ones from enjoying the property and even put your health at risk.

Fortunately, Birkenhead tenants residing in association-owned housing homes or council properties can claim compensation for various disrepair issues. If your landlord fails their legal obligation to maintain a reasonable living standard, our dedicated Birkenhead housing disrepair solicitors can assist with filing a claim.

Types of Housing Disrepair Issues We handle at bingham long

Housing disrepair can affect numerous areas of the premises. Here are some typical examples of housing disrepair:

  • Water leaks, causing dampness to the walls and floors.
  • Defective windows that caused water penetration in the bedroom.
  • Defective central heating that did not allow the occupant to use hot water and heat their home at the same time.
  • Damp and mould growth.
  • Mouse infestation.

While leaks and water damage account for many cases, housing disrepair can affect several aspects of the home.

What Are My Rights as a Tenant When it Comes to Housing Disrepair?

Numerous areas of a premises can be affected by a range of disrepairs. Our experienced solicitors know the housing disrepair issues commonly seen in Birkenhead.

Our firm handles housing disrepair claims involving the following:

  • Defective windows and doors
  • Interior structural issues
  • Defective roof and gutters
  • Central heating and hot water issues
  • Water leaks and plumbing problems
  • Damp and mould growth
  • Problems with gas appliances
  • Broken bathroom fittings
  • Broken kitchen fittings
  • Ventilation issues
  • Electrical wiring problems
  • Rodent and pest infection

When can you make a claim for housing disrepair?

Your landlord is legally required to keep your rental property safe and suitable. The law under the Defective Premises Act 1972 provides that landlords are obligated to keep any part of the premises for which they are responsible from disrepair. If your rented council home or social housing deteriorates or needs serious repairs, you can make a housing repair claim.

Be sure to report any disrepair in your home to your landlord as soon as it becomes apparent. This puts your landlord on notice that a problem on the premises needs to be fixed. You can claim housing disrepair if your landlord fails to repair the issue.

How can I report housing disrepair?

It is important to create some record that shows how and when you reported the housing disrepair to your landlord. You can report housing disrepairs in the following ways:

  • In-person
  • Over the phone
  • By written letter
  • Sending an email

How Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors Covering Birkenhead Can Help You

Our legal team is committed to helping council and housing association tenants in Birkenhead with their disrepair problems. We firmly believe tenants have the basic right to a home that is fit for human habitation and in proper working order. Our Birkenhead housing disrepair solicitors can help you navigate the legal process and advocate for your rights as a tenant.

We can help with your housing disrepair case in the following ways:

  • Advise you on your legal rights.
  • Documentation of the disrepair.
  • Proper reporting of the disrepair.
  • Negotiations with your landlord.
  • Represent you in court if necessary.

Our Birkenhead housing disrepair solicitors do not accept excuses made by negligent landlords. We can vigorously pursue compensation on your behalf and ensure your property is repaired.

Can I Make a Claim for Personal Injury?

Yes. Our team can help you pursue a personal injury claim for any harm or loss caused by the disrepair, including impaired health, medical expenses, loss of property value, inconvenience, and other damages. Your financial award will be contingent on several factors related to the severity of your injuries and the extent of your loss. If certain areas of your home are unlivable due to deterioration or disrepair, we can assist in recovering a cash lump sum or partial rent reimbursement.

Birkenhead Housing Disrepair Solicitors at Bingham Long Advocate for the Rights of Tenants

If you are facing disrepair issues in your rented home, contact our Birkenhead housing disrepair solicitors at Bingham Long for legal guidance. For a free consultation, call us at 0151-318-6444 or contact us online. Located in Liverpool, Wallasey, and Birkenhead, we proudly serve clients throughout Merseyside County.